Addiction to Technology

In this section of Feed, the main characters lose their feeds and are left without the constant technology that they have grown so accustomed to. Titus is forced to cope with the sudden lack of stimulation in his head by reading the few pages he “cached” right before his feed stopped, because he has nothing better to do.

This experience is something that I think everyone in today’s world can relate to. The boredom of not having anything to do, when not connected to technology. To try to avoid this tragedy we buy portable chargers and download extra Netflix shows before traveling. People feel anxious when they leave their phones at home or they don’t have a strong network connection. The fictional connection to technology in Feed makes fun of our own reliance on digital devices and predicts a scary future that lies ahead of us.

Technology implanted in our brains seems crazy and farfetched, but cell phone usage does have an impact on our brains, even though they are not literally implanted in our heads. According to an article in Psychology Today, there is a new term, Nomophobia, to describe the common fear in today’s society of being without a cell phone. Their study says that most people become nervous when they are without their phones or when their phone has a low battery percentage. Also, it states that 65% of people sleep with or next to their smartphones and even more college students do so, which affects the quality of sleep. Though we don’t have technology in our heads we are still frequently attached to our devices and the problem is only getting worse.








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