Blogging Synthesis

When I read over all of my Intro to Digital Studies blog posts from the semester what I first noticed is that in each post I chose to write about the negative parts of technology such as addiction to technology in my first post or the development of conspiracy theories in my most recent post. This surprised me because as I wrote the posts I did not think that I was being overly pessimistic. I failed to recognize any positive aspects of technology, mostly because the negative side was more interesting to me.

For each of my posts, I chose topics that were relevant to what we were studying in class and the assigned articles but also centered around topics that I wanted to find more information on. Most of my posts served as a way for me to further understand a concept through researching it and composing the blog post.

I think that many of the ideas I wrote about would be worth revisiting for me, because in writing the posts I genuinely learned more about the topics and developed ideas on the subjects; through rereading my blog I remember some ideas that I brought up that are still interesting to me right now, such as the complex impacts of trolling, which was my favourite blog post to write and to read again.

Another thing that I found interesting in my blog, that I had not noticed throughout writing each post, is the connection between many of the subjects I wrote about, such as the clear connection that trolling and conspiracy theories have. However, I did not clearly mention in either separate post I wrote about these two topics. I didn’t think much about connecting topics from week to week, but by rereading the blog as a whole, instead of separate unrelated posts, these themes and connections became clear and even brought up new ideas and questions.

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