Kids These Days

My blog post for today does not have anything to do with GIFs, unfortunately. However, I found it relevant to Digital Studies 101 and the constant use of technology that is quickly growing in our society.

This past Friday while enjoying my tacos with friends at Sabor in Davidson I was disrupted by a group of children and their parents. It was not just the loud sound of children or their salsa covered hands that disgusted me; it was the electronic glow seen on each of their faces. The seven children were using a total of five iPads and an iPhone while their moms sat across the restaurant chatting.

I apologize for the low-quality image, as I did not want to be super creepy taking photos of kids in a restaurant.

Like most people, I’ve seen a toddler use their parent’s phone during dinner to keep them quiet and entertained and give their parents a break. I understand why parents do this. I know that today’s children use electronics significantly more than I did, but somehow this was different. Seeing seven children all around the same age using their own personal electronic devices and watching television instead of talking to each other was disturbing to me. Like our case study on Friday, these kids were constantly connected to technology via their devices, even when eating dinner with friends.

I use my phone a lot, definitely too much, but these kids made me think more in depth about the effects of technology. I didn’t have my own electronic device until I got my brother’s used iPod nano when I was about 10. Before that my only electronic use was watching television when my parents were kind enough to allow it. But even with a lack of childhood technology, I managed to become the frequent iPhone user I am today. If these children are using this much more technology at even younger ages I can see how in the future technology could take over our lives, as predicted in Feed.

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